Young Justice

One of my favorite TV shows, like most of my favorites was geared to a younger viewing audience. Though I think quickly the creators realized that is show drew in an older crowd, yes some kids did like to watch it but i think college aged kids liked it more. It’s not hard to see why, unlike traditional kid cartoons which most of the time do not have a real long term plot or goal this one had many sub-plots and one major plot per season. Not to mention character growth and relationship changes, between not only main characters but the others in the show as well.


The original team was just Aqualad- Kaldur’ahm, Kid Flash- Wally and Robin-Dick, they wanted to be more then just the sidekick label that they had been stuck with. They quickly add to their team with Superboy- Conner (a clone using superman’s DNA) and Miss Martian- M’gann (niece of Martian Man Hunter) and finally Artemis( not in the picture above) That of course is just season one but that season is so crucial to the team becoming what they have always wanted to be real heros, not sidekicks.


Though i have heard many people complain of the relationship of my favorite characters Wally and Artemis, but I adore it they are Spitfire and hope the writers intend to fix what they messed with at the end of season 2.


The change of the characters between the two seasons is at first confusing but as the season unfolds everything starts to become clear on what happened in the years that were skipped over in the seasons. I am VERY excited and happy that they are finally coming out with a season 3, and I still upset that is taken this long to make this season. I have googled and researched the reasons and one of the reasons was their toy sales were not high enough to keep the show. SMH I have very high hopes for this season.


Super Hero Girls

So I’m gonna go a little girl power on today’s post, talking about Female superheros finally getting their time and not just as part of a mostly male team or as a sidekick to the bigger Male hero. Don’t get me wrong I like many a male super hero, but i think it’s not only great but important that little girls have super heroes that they can look up to and relate themselves to. With TV shows like Supergirl( for the older girls) and DC superhero girls( for younger girls) and The Wonder woman movie that is coming out.


As a girl who likes cartoons and comic books, it was something i could not openly share without getting some stigma about being into something that can be considered sexist  until recently. I do believe that men and women are equal and yes there are things that men can do that we can’t, but i don’t think we should limit girls and their dreams to try.