Super Hero Girls

So I’m gonna go a little girl power on today’s post, talking about Female superheros finally getting their time and not just as part of a mostly male team or as a sidekick to the bigger Male hero. Don’t get me wrong I like many a male super hero, but i think it’s not only great but important that little girls have super heroes that they can look up to and relate themselves to. With TV shows like Supergirl( for the older girls) and DC superhero girls( for younger girls) and The Wonder woman movie that is coming out.


As a girl who likes cartoons and comic books, it was something i could not openly share without getting some stigma about being into something that can be considered sexist  until recently. I do believe that men and women are equal and yes there are things that men can do that we can’t, but i don’t think we should limit girls and their dreams to try.



Beauty and the Beast


So most everyone has seen, read or at least heard about the tale of Beauty and the Beast. Most commonly the Disney animated movie that was released in the early 90’s. Now Disney has begun to make some of their original movies into live action films much to the delight of my a childlike movie-goer like myself. I do plan on going to see this live action film and my hopes are high for a fantastic movie with the star talent they have going for them not to mention the superior effects if the previews are any clue. Emma Watson is one of my favorite actress and i think she will fill the role of Belle beautifully, Dan Stevens will play the Beast (Prince Adam) I am not familiar with his work so I look forward to seeing him. Luke Evan will be killing it as Gaston the egotistical villain. I am so excited about this movie and I am hoping i will not be let down with the musical numbers.




So as my first real class post I wold like to talk about the underrated movie and book that few know called The Perks of Being a Wallflower. I read the book before the movie came out, I have to be honest and say it is a small book but it took me a long time to read. Why did it take me so long? Well it deals with a lot of terrible real life issues including mental illness, suicide, drug use, and how we accept love. These are things not talked about in polite society, but they are things that need to acknowledged for everyone has to deal with different problems and with support of friends and family they can be overcome. Now the movie I just loved the casting was perfect, Emma Watson as Sam the love interest of Charlie(the narrator)  played by Logan Lerman and Ezra Miller plays Patrick Charlie’s new friend he makes at the beginning of the school year. I think it’s an important movie that people need to see, cause Charlie sees the world as it is and not how we would like it to be. Yes he has problems but who doesn’t? He is completely unfiltered while he narrates his first year of high school. I believe all of us can relate to at least one of the amazing characters in this story.



blog_pentoolEvery story has a beginning, a middle but never an end. This is the beginning of my blog story, everyone one has to start somewhere. Mine starts with a class that requires a blog, and that it can be about whatever we please. Questions start going through my head, what should I write about? Will anyone care? Will anyone actually read my posts? I came down to thinking that focusing on one subject is too limited. There is so much in this world to discuss why limit your opinions? Books, movies, and world events!  I am a person who speaks little and lives through the quotes from books and movies. I am a wallflower who is observes but it hardly seen. Everyone must know that the world is full of dragons, and one must learn to fight them or you will be slain.