The Real in Retail

I have worked retail almost ten years now. I got my first job at Target when I was sixteen in the clothing department. Thinking back the beginning wasn’t so bad, little did I know I would be working in retail for almost a decade.  I know people who have worked in Retail their whole lives and I respect them, mostly because they have made it through so many holiday seasons, with crazy customers. Retail for me has become a practice for holding my tongue and my true thoughts from the customers.


I just want to know why people think that they can treat an employee of a retail store like crap. Like for some reason they are beneath you because they stock shelves and check people out for a living. I have be cursed at, yelled out, and ignored just for doing my job. People fail to realize I don’t make the rules or prices, or even the return policies. I hate when people leave stuff in a mess and say “it’s job security.” Like I don’t have enough to do, when people let their kids run wild in the store messing up whatever they can get their hands on. And if I hear that stupid phrase “Oh it didn’t scan, it must be free” I may snap. (Even though i know i won’t, cause i need the job to pay my bills) People always seem to think for some reason “that the customer is always right.” and that is just not true. On occasion they are right because something was stocked in the wrong area or maybe an old sign was not taken down, I will give you that  but just because you found a regular priced item in with the clearance doesn’t mean it’s on sale. Even at the cash register I am not looking for a deep conversation I would just like an acknowledgement of presence cause I have had customers who just completely ignore me. Which is just rude.


I have worked in retail so long I can no longer mask my emotions when you ask me a stupid question. I work in a Dollar General right now and my store is  not big, so when you ask where the bread is and I know you have passed the bread twice by the items in your basket…Or get mad when I ask for your I.D. when you buy cigarettes, because not only is it state law but a store policy that I could get fired for if I do not do it. Now I know this just seems like a long rant…and maybe it is, but I have met some of the most amazing people in retail. I have had some amazing managers, and coworkers who I am still in contact with, and I am glad that I met them through retail. I would just like shoppers to remember that the person working at the store your shopping at is human being just trying to make ends meet, and does not deserve to be treated so poorly.