Never Been Kissed

No this is not a post about the Drew Barrymore movie. (though i do enjoy that movie) This post is a little more personal to me. A kiss is such a big moment in everyone’s life, it’s the step in the direction of growing up, meeting someone you care about or at least attracted to, and sharing of the first kiss. Most people have had the first kiss by the time they are 16 some a little later, but majority before they reach the age of 20. But I am an anomaly. I am 25 years old and a few months I will be 26 and I have Never Been Kissed. The First question I get is Are you saving yourself for Religious reasons? or maybe for your wedding? The answer to both of those is no. Cause I know some people don’t kiss or even hug until after they are married which in my opinion is just CRAZY. I am


Have been (obviously). That’s why I have never been kissed, I have never so much as held a hand of a boy who I wasn’t related to. So why am I writing this post? Do I just want people to feel bad for me? Again the answer is NO. I don’t care if you feel bad for me, or just sorry for me. I want to raise some awareness, that not everyone shares the same life experiences and you shouldn’t assume things about people. That is the worst thing I’ve experienced especially in some college classes, they want you to relate things to your first relationship or your first kiss, well I’m sorry to burst that bubble but I have nothing to draw on for that, and I won’t lie it hurts when people get that look in their eyes cause they feel sorry for me. Or that they don’t understand how “someone as great as me” or  “as sweet as me” has never been asked out or dated. I have also been assumed as gay since I’ve never had a boyfriend, which I can assure I am not, cause girls don’t float my boat that way. I have also been accused of having too high of standards, I just know for me is that the purpose of dating is to find someone to spend the rest of your life with, and if that means I don’t waste time with fantasies or boys who just want one thing, well that is that and I am who I am.  I am a bit of a weirdo, who would rather be home reading a book or watching a Disney movie then going out to a party. I would rather find out when the next Marvel movie is coming out, or playing Sims. To be honest (again) generally at a party I make friends with the pets first. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t lonely, or I wish I didn’t wish to be like everyone else and be able to casually date. I go through fits of sadness, and depression, and I wonder what is wrong with me? Wonder why I never get asked out. I wonder if anyone else is like me out there. I feel alone and that no one shares this experience with me. So this leads me to believe that I might become the next inspiration for the next 40 year old virgin movie.



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