Beauty and the Beast Revisited

So I wrote a post earlier this year about the new Beauty and the Beast movie coming out and how excited I am about it. There is a new controversy about one of the characters in the movie that is causing many to say they won’t be going to see it now with the new information.

LeFou. The Goofy sidekick to Gaston from the original Disney cartoon. Well apparently he has feeling for Gaston, and the fact that this Disney character might be gay is stirring quiet the uproar. Let’s be honest for a moment, to think that even in the cartoon movie LeFou was probably a little gay, I mean he starts singing about how great Gaston is, and how everybody wishes to be just like him. I mean what straight guy starts singing to his male friend about how great he is? I mean I watch ALOT of movies and I cannot think of a single one. So why this comes as a surprise to some people is a little shocking. Some even have been saying don’t take you kids to this movie because there is a gay man in it. This is ridiculous. There are gay people everywhere, schools, public places, and even churches(if it is like it should be) and you can’t shield your child from everything that you deem as inappropriate, what you can do is to prepare them for the outside world. Teach them good relationship values, and let your children decide for themselves what is right for them. Just because it is a lifestyle you don’t approve of doesn’t make it wrong, it’s just not for you. Some of the best people I have met are gay, though it is not a lifestyle I choose, I do not condemn them for their choice. I love them, and boycotting this film will do nothing to change it or the film industry.lefou9f-1-web



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