Serious or Not?

I have been debating on writing a serious post or not. Cause i know blogs are suppose to be whre you put your opinions but with the way most of social media is today I am afraid of some sort of backlash for my opinion. I know very few people actually look at this blog so i should just go ahead and say what i feel, but this does not help the underlying fear of putting my thoughts and opinions out there bare like an online dairy. Do i really want to the world to know what I’m feeling? Or what I truly think? Should i stay with light fluff pieces that will never get any real attention?


Part of me wants to stand out and get noticed and other says stay were you are don’t do anything that could potential get you hurt.  I am always doing the safer thing. I don’t take chances. Maybe I should just say what I’m thinking, and state my opinions and let the chips fall were they may… I need think on it some more.



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