Thoughts of this Blog

I’m not gonna lie when my teacher brought up the fact that we would have to keep  up a blog i dreaded it. Now that i have been doing this for a few weeks i have found i actually enjoy writing these little posts it’s almost therapeutic. This blog has actually helped me with a my writers block I’ve been having for the longest time.


It has renewed my love for writing. This blog has been keeping it light because their is so much negativy in the world i don’t want to add to it. I just want to speak of good things, so politics are just something i don’t want to speak of here. Now world events or events that are good that happen in the United States I will probably touch on now and again. I will stay on the “Nerdy” side of things cause that is who I am.I love tv shows, movies, books and even video games. This goes from cartoons to heartfelt movies. I hope to gain some followers people who enjoy and gain something from my posts.


Just a little about me I’m a nerdy girl, who is a little forgetful, and can usually be found listening to my music that ranges from classical to mainstream. I am just trying to make it through school and finish my first book.


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