Beauty and the Beast


So most everyone has seen, read or at least heard about the tale of Beauty and the Beast. Most commonly the Disney animated movie that was released in the early 90’s. Now Disney has begun to make some of their original movies into live action films much to the delight of my a childlike movie-goer like myself. I do plan on going to see this live action film and my hopes are high for a fantastic movie with the star talent they have going for them not to mention the superior effects if the previews are any clue. Emma Watson is one of my favorite actress and i think she will fill the role of Belle beautifully, Dan Stevens will play the Beast (Prince Adam) I am not familiar with his work so I look forward to seeing him. Luke Evan will be killing it as Gaston the egotistical villain. I am so excited about this movie and I am hoping i will not be let down with the musical numbers.



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